Aberdeen Magazine – 1 Year Subscription


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Get 6 issues per year!

A happening magazine for South Dakota’s buzzing Hub City.

Each issue of this new bi-monthly magazine includes stories and pictures of things Aberdeen is known for as well as topics that many might not know much about. Get to know your Aberdeen on a completely different level!

Our magazine makes a great gift!

As you check out, you will be walked through how to send this great Aberdeen staple to your friends, family, and loved ones. Download a gift subscription postcard to send or wrap up for your recipient »

Aberdeen Magazine covers a variety of content and includes:

  • Events calendar
  • Recap of social events in town
  • New businesses and buildings
  • Profiles of people doing amazing things
  • Hub City Fashion
  • Recreation
  • Interior design and style
  • Historic architecture, depots and events
  • And more!